Chicken Jig - WHITE (3 sizes available!)


Offering a unique twist on the popular “preacher jig” style hair jig, the Outkast Tackle Chicken Hair Jig was built to create a large profile that will help you catch the largest fish out of summertime schools of bass. Absolutely deadly for offshore rock piles, ledges, and long points where fish tend to group up during the warmer months, the Outkast Tackle Chicken Hair Jig features a synthetic fiber as the base, which provides a bulky profile and slows down the rate of fall so that it spends more time in the strike zone to get fish fired up into a feeding frenzy. It also features two long chicken feathers tied in the middle of the jig that produce a natural swimming action and replicate large baitfish like a gizzard shad, blueback herring, and even crappie and bluegills. 

Another key element of the Chicken Hair Jig is Outkast’s signature Goldeneye head design with a 30-degree line tie that keeps the bait level and running true along the bottom, as well as, its stout 5/0 VMC heavy wire hook that gives anglers the power needed to force big fish to the boat. Offered in multiple sizes and colors, the Outkast Tackle Chicken Hair Jig delivers intricate details that will out-fish all other hair jigs on the market!